As spring migrants start to move through to their summer nesting grounds, it’s important to make sure you maintain your feeders and birdbaths to ensure a steady stream of interesting, healthy feathered visitors.  Keep the same seed mix that you were using for May as well as the high-fat suets, but start adding suets with more berries and fruit components to them.  Place a feeder with live mealworms in addition to dried mealworms and dried fruit near your birdbath to attract any migrating warblers for a snack and a bath.  Around the 15th of April start putting out your oriole and (a single) hummingbird feeder to give those sugar-fiends an needed boost on those chilly early spring mornings.  Give your birdbaths and feeders a good scrub to get rid of any accumulated grime that early spring rains and blustery winds may deposit, you want to be sure that the water and feed is clean to ensure you don’t spread any diseases.  And keep an eye out for new arrivals passing through, you might be surprised who visits after all of the chilly months.

Optional Project 

Cut a fresh orange in half.  Scoop out the meaty part from one half and fill it with grape jelly, keep the other half intact.  Secure both halves to dead tree limbs or a specially-designed (oriole) feeder near your birdbath.  Orioles, mockingbirds, robins, and others will relish the sweet treats.