Summer is now in full swing, which is a mixed blessing for bird feeding enthusiasts.  On the plus side, summer feeding has hit a predictable stride and there’s not much change in feeder needs since July.  But, this also means that the visitors at your feeders will probably be the same as what you’ve been seeing the past couple of months, few new species to be found.  But fear not, you’ve got lots of newly fledged youngsters to observe and in a few short weeks the fall migration will begin!

From a feeder standpoint, continue with the seed mix from March (60% black-oil sunflower, 30% millet, 10% shelled peanuts) and nyjer seeds for the finches.  Offer no-melt suets with added fruits and nuts.  The ever-popular mealworm suets as well as dried mealworms continue to be very popular, but the weather is probably too warm for fresh mealworms to be offered with any regularity.  If you’re visitors have become accustomed to a wiggly treat in the morning and the temperature is mild, you could probably put out a small portion before the heat of the day sets in.

Maintain additional nectar feeders around your yard for hummingbirds.  Besides the typical territorial squabbles, prepare for increased activity as the young of the year start feeding and everybody starts to prepare for their long flight south for the winter.  Remember to continue to change the nectar every 2-3 days to avoid bacteria and spoilage. Continue to offer fresh and dried fruit and oriole nectar or jelly.