December is a pretty low-maintenance month from a bird feeding standpoint.  Visits to feeders tend to be very low this month and most of the migrants are long gone.  Use this time to clean your bird houses out well for next spring, hang some roosting houses, or experiment with making your own seed or suet blocks.

Continue with the seed mix you started in October (approximately 50% black-oil sunflower, 5-10% safflower and/or shelled peanuts, and 40-45% millet).  The Juncos and various sparrows should be very happy with the millet while Cardinals love the safflower seed.  Also continue to offer the high-fat and nutty suets to help birds have the energy they need to make it through the cold winter nights.  Cardinals and Jay will continue to appreciate dried fruits and in-shell peanuts.  If you live in the northern part of the US, demand for mealworms has probably pretty much evaporated at this point, but if you have interested chickadees or a overwintering robin interested, feel free to keep offering these high-protein treats.

Optional Project

String popcorn, cranberries, orange and apple slices, and in-shell peanuts together.  Drape around a tree or bush in your yard.  All birds will enjoy these holidays treats.  If you want to put your live Christmas tree to use after the holidays, consider putting it out in your yard and stringing your edible garland in it’s branches.  Birds will enjoy the shelter as well as the snack.