February is National Bird Feeding Month, and if you live in the frozen North like I do seeing the birds at your feeder may be the only thing that keep you motivated to go outside at this point.  From a upkeep standpoint, it’s pretty simple at this point.  We haven’t quite reached the start of preparing for spring breeding or the spring migration, so it’s just helping our feathered friends through this last cold, dark bit of winter.

Use the same seed mix that we created for January, as well as the high-fat suets and lots of nuts to increase and maintain fat stores.  Also, make sure you’re not forgetting to keep your feeders and the areas under them nice and clean and your bird baths full, it’s easy to forget these types of tasks when the snow is constantly re-covering the seed hulls and such.

Optional Project

Cut a bagel in half and smear it with peanut butter.  Roll it in birdseed and dried fruit and then hang it from tree branches.  Cardinals, finches, sparrows, jays, and chickadees will love these treats.