The holidays are over but spring is still a few months away, so make sure that you continue to offer yummy presents for the birds that are still present in your yard.  Adjust your feeder seed mix to be 50% black-oil sunflower seeds, 40% millet, and 10% shelled peanuts.  Also be sure to scatter some millet and chopped peanuts on the ground for those ground feeding juncos that are still visiting.  Continue with the high-fat and nutty suets to help keep our feathered visitors warm and plump.  This may be a good time to try your hand at making your own suet and seed blocks!  Jays and cardinals will probably still love dried fruits if the weather in your area doesn’t turn them into tiny blocks of fruit-flavored ice.  And be sure to keep your heated bird baths full and clean, there’s not much open water available at this point in the colder regions.

Optional Project

Cover pine cones in peanut butter and roll them in a variety of different bird seeds.  Use pretty ribbons or string to hang them from trees and bushes and watch the chickadees, nuthatches, and other birds cling to them to enjoy the treats.