Finally, after the last couple of cold and dreary months, spring is right around the corner.  Now is the time to start preparing for your local birds mating and nesting, as well as watching for early spring migrants to start passing through.  Get out your nest boxes and make sure they are cleaned and prepared, and set them up.  Start offering nesting materials around your yard.

Fatty and nutty suets should still be offered over the no-melt doughs, but decrease the millet in your seed mix to 30% and increase the black-oil sunflower seed to 60% as the juncos leave for the year.  Now is the time to start offering mealworms again, as many of the spring migrants will enjoy them and nesting birds will need them for their young.  Unless it’s warm where you are, you are probably best offering dried mealworms at this point.  If it is regularly above freezing, you can also start offering orange and apple halves speared on sticks to entice in orioles, cardinals, robins, and other visitors.