Even though it’s fall, keep your hummingbird feeders out even in Northern climates until you haven’t seen a hummingbird in 2 weeks.  Some of the young from this year may still be trying to make the long flight south, and your feeder could be a welcome refueling stop!  This is probably the last month you will need that feeder available until spring, and the same goes for your oriole feeders.

Switch your seed mix to something that is approximately 50% black-oil sunflower, 5-10% safflower and/or shelled peanuts, and 40-45% millet.  Migrating sparrows and the soon-to-arrive juncos will love the millet.  You can spread it on the ground or let the other birds toss it from your hopper feeders if millet is in your normal seed mix.

Assuming the weather has cooled to a point where it won’t melt, switch from no-melt suet dough to fatty, nut heavy suet.  The higher fat content will help birds make it through the coming chills.

Continue to offer dried cranberries, cherries, raisins, and blueberries in your tray feeders.  In-shell peanuts can also be a nice treat for your local jays.  Monitor your mealworm feeder as these may get less popular as the insect-eating birds move south in northern climates.  However, migrating warblers may still enjoy the treats as they are passing through.

Optional Project

Save pumpkin meat and seeds from carving and put it out in an open tray.  Finches, sparrows, jays, and juncos will clean it up!


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